the shampoo making hair frizzy

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hey guys... i m just trying to sort out how to fix this batch of 50% HONEY SHAMPOO. i wanted it to work as shampoo and conditioners.

Flaxseed extract gel- 4%
hydrolised soy- 1%
limonene- 0.5%

Cocamide MEA 1%
hydroxyethylcellolose- 1%

Sles- 8%
coco betaine- 5%

edta- 0.5%
sodium benzoate + benzyl benzoate- 1%

hair comes out dry and frizzy after wash


  • Try with water replacing honey to see if it makes any difference
    and try adding a silicone, preferably a water dispersible silicone for ease of formulating.

    Is HEC intended as a thickener?
  • @Gunther...Is HEC intended as a thickener? ..yes

    i have dimethicone in stock.. but its not water soluble i think.. any suggestion regarding which silicone shd i use? 
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Limonene is a solvent, remove it.
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  • SLES and HEC should not be used together (based on my experience). 
    HEC 1% seems too much, and if you are using hot process (heating HEC at some point) should lead to depolymerization of HEC.
  • @em88 ; .we wanted a thick product so end up using 1% though started with 0.2%.... we mixed it in glycerin first with cocamide mea then poured in lukewarm solution of shampoo along with 
  • @Gunther...i have arranged some peg 8 dimethicone.

    i have a doubt regarding the use of lipids in shampoos. adding a lipid makes me nervous because the outcome varies according the surfactant used and once the lipid is thr you are bound to use emulsifier too. but when i go to the hlb values it shoes sles a high HLB emulsifier . does that mean i have to pick only one emulsifier lower than the mean if calculated of lipid though they will contribute only 2-3 percent of total formulation.
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