Percentage of oil in hair conditioner

Hello All!

I tried to copy my favorite hair conditioner but the result is not as smooth (hair are not as smooth when I wash it off) as the benchmark product. May I kindly ask to review the formula and give me recommendations on what should be decreased/increased? The texture and the pH are the same as the benchmark product. pH is 6 for both. I tried to play with the amount of Cetearyl and cetyl alcohol but not much success:

Water phase:

Aqua - 72%

Tetrasodium EDTA – 0.1%

Glycerine – 3%

Oil Phase:

Cetearyl Alcohol – 6% (tried 4% the same)

Cetyl Alcohol – 4%

Ceteareth 25 – 1.5%

Macadamia Oil – 5%

Behentrimonium – 2% (Behentrimonium chloride, 2-propanol)

Cyclomethicone - 2%

Dimethicone 1000 – 3%

Cool Down Phase:

Citrimonium Choride – 2%

Tocopheryl Acetate -  0.4%

Paraben DU – 0.5% (Propylparaben, methylparaben, diazolidinyl urea, propylene glycol)

Thank you in advance.


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