water-in-oil "light" daycream with SPF

I have tried for weeks to formulate water-in-oil cream using glyceryl stearate (not SE) and glyceryl oleate, and some (food-grade) lecithinpowder and colloidal oatmeal in the water. The skin feeling is fantastic, but as soon I blend the water together with the oils, it becomes a thick "dough", and after a few days, it separate. The "dough" is very difficult to blend with my stick mixer. 2% of both glyceryl stearate and gl. oleate, but I think the % is not the problem  here - I tried lots of batches with different %, but same thing happen every time! 


  • How much oatmeal are you using? I was reading another thread not long ago where someone said how much you can realistically add to an emulsion, and it was WAY below what is recommended on some of the websites retailing small amounts of the raw materials. Making Cosmetics says typical use is 5-30%? Products  from Aveeno have only marketing claims levels (.1% or so). Doreen actually made the comment in the thread that if you use too much your lotion will turn to dough! Not sure how to link to a thread, but if you search “colloidal oatmeal/Avena Sativa in skincare” you should find it easily! I’m not a chemist by any means, just someone who has read almost every comment in this forum?. 

    If it’s not the oatmeal, you should post your entire formula and you will prob get some help. 
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