California and VOCs

RenKBRenKB Member, PCF student
I'm trying to verify that I did not misunderstand something. For products sold in California, it has to be 18% VOC or below, right?


  • I know the company I used to work for has a 55 VOC hairspray for Cali (and a handful of other states) and the original formula hairspray which is 80 for the rest of the country. They tried just making the new 55 version at first but sales dropped so ridiculously low (and this was the best selling product in this brand since the 70’s when this product was introduced!) that they began making both the original formula and the low VOC version too. The change in the formula to reduce VOC really affected the performance. 

    I am pretty sure that the VOC maximums change depending what type of product it is and what it is used for, so you really need to do your research on this or hire an expert to consult with. I can only speak about hairspray! 
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