BTMS-50 to silicones ratio?

How much silicones can BTMS-50 emulsify?

I've tried a 1:1 ratio (equal amounts of BTMS-50 and dimethicone) and it held fine.
Some say it works fine at a 1:2 ratio (twice as much silicones as BTMS-50), especially if some of them are cyclomethicones.

Sorry if this has been asked before. Can't seem to find a proper answer anywhere, not even in the Croda website. 


  • This Cosmetic and Toiletry Formulations 4 formula uses almost 3x silicone as BTMS.
    But it's just BTMS, not BTMS-50 with butylene glycol.

  • A Croda sample fomulation emulsified 50% dimethicone with just 3% BTMS-50

    High silicone cream

    Part A
    Deionized water 43.0%

    Part B
    Dimethicone 200cs 50.0%
    Cetearyl alcohol 3.0%

    Part C
    Germaben 1.0%

    I tried
    60 volume% deionized water
    2 wt% BTMS-50
    heat to 75C and stir
    2 wt% dimethicone 350
    stir to emulsify
    38 vol% cyclomethicone D5
    (I didn't use preservatives in this preliminary test)

    and it seems to hold without separating, being thin enough for a spray pump.
    It feel way better than all water formulation, and hair dries quickly.

    I'll see if it still works with just 1.5% BTMS to make it thinner, as it feels borderline thick for a pump spray, with some large droplets, not always a fine mist.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Gunther: I am skeptical about that 50% DM200 holding up for very long, with just 1.5% BTMC at work, I don't care what Croda states. In your formula, you used volatile silicone, I see.  That will evaporate once on the hair - you OK with that? Also, try using the smaller DMC polymer (200) rather than 350 and your spray pattern should improve a bit.
  • Thanks @chemicalmatt I always keep on looking for the Like button when reading your posts.

    I will keep on looking for dimethicone 200.

    Yes, I prefer volatile silicones as they evaporate quicker than water.

    Do you know if cyclomethicone can be used to dissolve anything other than silicones? i.e. hair holding polymers or cationic conditioners?
    All my experiments seem to fail.
  • May I ask what is the purpose for using a cationic emulsifier over a non-ionic/anionic emulsifier?

    If I wanted to use a thickening agent I would also have to use a cationic agent like a guar gum and not something like xanthan gum?
  • The purpose was to replace as much water for cyclomethicone as possible
    in order to get hair to dry faster.

    BTMS was also used as a detangler/conditioner.
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