Digestible Emulsifiers

I am curious about a cream that I am making that could be considered "edible." 

Are most emulsifiers all right to be ingested in small amounts?  I understand that lipsticks/glosses/lubricants will pass by the mouth some times.  Is it generally considered emulsifiers and/or surfactants are not toxic to the body in small amounts?  I am not suggesting taking spoonfuls of lip gloss and swallowing it.  Are there some emulsifiers that are more considered safe than others for this type of application?


  • Personally I’m not a fan of the idea but it’s been done..
  • @biochemist thanks for the video. 

    In general are most of the regular chemicals being used in our emulsions safe for ingestion.  In the previous sample lipstick goes on the lips but it does go inside the mouth and is swallowed to some small amount.  Are there certain emulsifiers that I should stay away from?
  • You can have a look to emulsifiers used in the food industry,e.g. lecithins, sucrose esters ...
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