SPF Testing Results Disparity between US and Canada.

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I have a client for whom we developed a sunscreen. It has been produced for a couple of years now in the US without issue. It tested out at a US Testing Lab at 30 SPF.

Recently the client has decided to use a Canadian Testing Facility for various reasons. The issue was that immediately on testing they assigned an SPF of only 23 or so. Their testing is following the Health Canda protocol. I have been told by others that in their experience Canadian testing methods have come in 3-7 SPF points lower for them (one source was a friend at a company that does just Sunscreens, large company).

Has anyone had this issue? I am reaching out to a Regulatory Specialist since there is some grey area as to if these testing protocols performed in Canada will be accepted by the FDA.

I have strong confidence in the Formulation since it has passed US testing on two separate occasions. Any help is appreciated.
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