Who I can make top coat matte


  • I make nails polish any colour
  • But I need know how I make top coat matte 
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  • What this
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    It's a two in one pack. It comes with shiny nail varnish and a little sheet of wet-or-dry paper to use after it dries, for those who want a matte finish. I recommend using 1600 grade paper. I got the idea from this guy here.
    Cosmetic Brand Creation. Concept to name to IMPI search to logo and brand registration. In-house graphic design inc. Pantone specs. Cosmetic label and box design & graphics.
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    @Doreen after sincerely reading your post I am guessing Makeup2018 will stick to the laid rules. Next post will be by Makeup2050????
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  • @Belassi??????? do you have a blog I could follow? ???
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    That would be awesome! @Belassi 's writings have made me spill my morning tea several times. :joy:
  • @Doreen the few times I’ve posted I’ve wondered what he might say ???. How good would a ‘Ask Belassi’ thread be? ??? I’m sure some of my questions would give him heaps of material!! 
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    Ummm... not a blog, really, no, sorry! I've been in hospital for a few days. The liquid soap they use is absolute rubbish... I was tempted to ask my wife to sneak in a gallon of mine and go around replacing it all.
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