Vitamin C serum (L-AA) and self tanner similarities

DoreenDoreen Member
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Maybe many here know this already, but for me this is new:

I had the same problems years ago when I made vitamin C serums with L-AA (15-20%).
Whether it's an expensive brand, like Skinceuticals or homemade: I read the same complaints on forums. With ferulic acid & vitamin E and applied at night.


  • Thanks @Doreen I’m about to start using ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate so glad this seems to be ok wrt oxidation
  • DoreenDoreen Member
    You're welcome. I have ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate now too! (Nikkol VC-IP), so much better!
  • @Doreen same!! My other oils in formulation are slightly yellow coloured though so hopefully people won’t think the vit C has oxidised ?
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