Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has experience with surfactants in spin finishes for synthetic fibres used in the textile industry? Being in the hygiene sector, it is very important for my product to be able to wick and distribute fluids across a product. 

I find that the performance of the commercial surfactants I am working with deteriorates after repeated wicking tests using large volume of water. It means that the surfactant must slowly 'wash-off'.

I want to improve the durability of this fibre finish and I want to introduce an ionic surfactant into the formulation but it is complex because I don't want the surfactant to be too hydrophobic or the product won't wick, but I also don't want the surfactant too hydrophilic or the product will retain too much moisture (an undesired product trait). There is an abundance of anionic surfactants out there but I am thinking about sodium stearate. I want to know if this is the right direction?

Also for research purpose I want to know if there are "exotic" anionic surfactants available on the market with a counterion other than sodium? I am primarily interested in metal counterions.    

Thank you for your input and sorry for the lengthy post! :)



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