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wanted to make face serum with vit-c and hyaluronic acid.. kindly sudgest some ingredients apart from. ascorbic acid and hyaluronic acid and also do sudgest percentage of it. and do we need to add preservative to serum. or it is ok without preservative. thank u all in advance..


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    Please read the forum rules in this thread: https://chemistscorner.com/cosmeticsciencetalk/discussion/1070/rules-for-requesting-formulating-advice-help

    1) Do not request complete/finished formulations.

    The best way to get help on this forum is to show that you actually need help and are not trying to use us to do work for you. With that, if you have an existing formula that isn’t working out, post it and ask for some feedback on your problem. If you don’t have a formula, do some research and try to come up with one yourself first. If it doesn’t work out, then ask for help or feedback.

  • i have tried to make serum by myself by adding 12% ascorbic acid and 1 % hyaluronic acid.and also 3% zinc. but it turns its colour to yellowish orange even after using opaque bottel. i guess its because the vit c gets oxidised. after that done bit research about the reason behind it because i thought it can be also because i havnt used any preservatives. but came to know from one blog that ascorbic acid is not stable in normal r.o. water.  thats why thought to get advise of some expert who works in this field. so some help for this would greatly appreciated. wanted to know which vit c i should use. and which hyaluronic acid i should use because some are saying hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight of 1000000-1500000 should be used and some are saying need to use low molecular weight hyaluronic acid of 200000 should be used. so am really confused. 
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    You're trying to make a type of formula that, frankly, is difficult for even experienced formulators to design and also requires airless packaging to be viable. I suggest you begin with simpler types.
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  • can you suggest any simpler ingredient for it???
  • @dharmaraj
    This site may be very helpful for you: http://swiftcraftymonkey.blogspot.nl/2010/01/if-youre-new-to-lotion-making.html
    It has lots of beginner formulations.

    Good luck!
  • @Doreen thank u very much. i will now try again and than come back with results
  • You're welcome! :-) 
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