Octocrylen & avobenzone

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Hello ! Is there a good substitute for octocrylene to stabilize abovenzone ?


  • pmapma Member
    Tinosorb S (not approved in the US yet). But is better not using octinoxate with AVO even with stabilizers. 
  • Hi Eli,

    You can try the photostabilizers from Hallstar. For example you can use Solastay S1 (INCI: Ethylhexyl Methoxycrylene), Solastay P1 (INCI: Polyester 25), Polycrylene (INCI: Polyester 8), and Hallbrite PSF (INCI: Undecylcrylene dimethicone).

    Hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EliEli Member, PCF student
    Yes it helps a lot, thanks @cosmochem and @pma ! What do you think about micro encapsulated avobenzone? Would it really be more stable ?

  • EliEli Member, PCF student
    Hello again! I was starting with sun care some months ago and after reading a lot of opinions about Avobenzone + EHMC (octinoxate) i can't seem to understand why if there is such a unstable mix people keep using it everywhere. I know they are not used alone but with octocrylene stabilizing avobenzone, and sometimes even small amounts of EHMC are used.. like 0.5% does it actually makes sense? Maybe i have still a lot to learn, but every time i read more about the subject i get more confused. !!.. and anyways the products i check in supermarkets and everywhere they use that wonderful threesome of UV filters: BMBM, EHMC and OCR.. Thanks !
  • Oxybenzone  is also used for stabilize avobenzone...
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