Information about NP9

Is np9 is safe material to use in formulation  that dosen't contact the skin directly like liquid laundry ( like persil gel ) and oven cleaner 


  • Yes and no. It's safe for humans, but very harmful to aquatic organisms. For this reason it's banned almost everywere, or the dosage is restricted to 1% or less. I suggest you replace it with a fatty alcohol.
  • Can you give ex for fatty alcohol because the market here is so different from anywhere @DAS
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    edited February 2018
    Check NP9 replacements from Dow Chemicals.
  • You will have to check with your suppliers to know what they have to offer, but this is a good starting point, here is the list of Dow replacements and here is everything else you need.
  • @DAS thanks so much this was very helpful for me 
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