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  • Hi my name is Natalie and I am here to learn and contribute as much as I can without having any skills in being a chemists. I am interested in learning about creating products that are organic and natural. I always was fascinated with making soaps.. perhaps some day lol. I seem to be into a more healthy way of eating, and using natural organic products as a consumer. I am a do it yourself person. I am all over google normally researching. So I am starting my journey in discovering how  to create my own products that are organic and made with natural ingredients.  Thanks for accepting me
  • Hi Perry and fellow cosmetic chemists!
    I work for a small manufacturer in New Zealand and I have experience in skin care, hair care, body care products. I've got a Master of Science (Chemistry) degree and I've worked in various industries as a Development Chemist. Been a Cosmetic Formulation Chemist for a couple of years now.
    I've been learning and getting tips from this forum. I'm the sole chemist so it's nice to get ideas from people on this forum like a sounding board and I look forward to contributing myself.
    Thanks Perry!
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    @Cagouchick - Welcome to the forum!  

  • Hello my name is Salina from Chicago. Im a liscensed cosmetologist and I love everything about the beauty industry. It has always been my dream to create my own makeup line.
  • Hello,
    My name is Shaunte, and I am so glad to have found this site. I am currently in start up phase of developing a cannibis infused skincare line. I have already found some great information from this group from reading articles and listening to the podcast. It is great to find such a forum in the start up phase of a cosmetic business. I hope as time goes along I will be able to contribute to the group.

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    Hi Everyone!  I am Cindy Holland-Rodriguez. My background is a CPA. However I have owned franchised cosmetics studios for the past 10 years. I am selling off the stores, and a few years ago we created our own cosmetics line. We contract manufacture the skin care and bought formulas for the color products from a company that was one of the first to offer natural products. 

    We we are just beginning to wholesale our line and are purchasing equipment to automate production of the color products. We are currently handmaking everything. 

    Looking forward to learning from so many experienced professionals!
  • Hello, my name is is Erin. I have no formal training as cosmetic chemist but have enjoyed making my own beauty products for a few years now. It is my goal to launch my own natural skincare and makeup line in a few years. I'm happy to have found this website and Perry's podcasts. I've learned so much already!  I will likely be asking questions from time to time. Glad to know there are lots of professionals in the field on this forum.  Thanks in advance! 
  • Hello Perry and everyone else!

    My name is Isaac. I am new to the personal care industry. I have a B.S. degree in chemistry and have experience in medicinal chemistry. I am currently working on a small line of color cosmetic products, but have been trying to learn about all types of formulations. I have been a long-time lurker of this forum and figured it was time to register so I can contribute and be apart of the community. This website/forum has been really helpful, so thank you for keeping it alive and allowing me to be apart of it.
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    Welcome aboard to all our new members!
  • Hello all I was a formulation chemist about twenty years ago. I enjoyed it very much and am looking to get into it again.

    Looking for help and advice for Shampoo, Liquid body washes etc.
  • Hi guys (and girls!), Giunia speaking.
    Thank you so much for accepting my membership. I truly admire your work and your way of helping people around the world.

    I'm Italian, a philologist and an academic researcher as well as a freelance translator. I'm deeply interested in cosmetics and formulation - but I've only just started, so there's a huge amount of things to learn. 

    I'm currently trying to reproduce a liquid foundation, so my questions will probably concern that topic, at least at the beginning.

    See you soon : )
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    Welcome to the forum!  Please feel free to start a new discussion on a cosmetic science topic.
  • Thank you Perry! 

    Er... I already did lol  :#
  • Hello all!

    My name is Sterling! I have B.S. in biochemistry and have been working with a small up-in-coming cosmetic company in Arizona. I have been here nearly 3 years and in that time: I have established a quality control department and have built up my chops as a budding cosmetic chemist. I have a huge desire to learn all that I can and am become the best cosmetic chemist I can be. I am glad to be a part of this! I look forward to sharing ideas and learning a vast amount wealth of information from all of you. 
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    Hey Y'all 
    I own a small soap company based out of Abilene, Tx. I started the company so we could move from our ranch and be able to take care of our grand daughter while her parents serve in the Air Force. No more 9-5 for this girl. Now we liked to expand into a few skincare products. A eye makeup remover and hydrating facial mist. I'm hoping to get pointing in the right directions on what books would be good to purchase and if there are any seminars or classes to take that specialize in natural skincare BUT with safer perservitives. Thanks for letting me join this group! Y'all be sweet!
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    Hello everyone! My name is Maysun and I am from Spain. As I am the proud daughter of a chemist, I have always been interested in chemistry and cosmetics (and having interesting chats with my dad on this issue). Althought I am not a chemist (in fact I have a degree on philosophy) I have been formulating my own cosmetic products for three years, at first asking everything to daddy  ;) and now, only from time to time. I hope to learn a lot from you and if I could help someone with my very little knowledge in formulation,  I would be very happy of that. 
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    Hello :smile:    and thanks and kudos to Perry for all the work on the forum and encouraging others to join the conversations; it's a vertiable goldmine of information.
    These days I'm mostly a housewife, though technically I'm an archaeologist with a Science degree (there are differences !) and a huge interest in archaeobotany. Using the plants, their extracts, their potential, to safely make cosmetics, insecticides, cleansers and the like, is a long running thread in my life. Moulds, bacterial growths, fungus' and the chemicals that inhibit those are important though, and I need to know how to use the chemicals safely and effectively.
    I found the forum when looking for information on salicylic acid, started reading, found numerous topics of interest, and two hours later realised my coffee was stone cold  ;) 


  • redxcapredxcap Member
    Hello folks, 

    My name is RedCap, firstly I'd like to say thanks to @Perry for putting this together it has been a very helpful resource even for a laymen like myself.

    I found chemists corner doing research into crafting cosmetics. Over the last 3 years I've looked at the many different types of all natural makeup, commercially made makeup and the various homebrews that seem to be very popular. 

     I have zero background in cosmetic chemistry but I've been working fairly diligently in learning the differences in ingredients, how they are meant to function and the basic principles of formulary.

    I also wanted to say thanks to all the other chemists for your time and advice on this forum as it has been invaluable. Looking forward to reading the different threads. 

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm Lee and new to this forum, however have been visiting chemist corner for awhile. 

    I'm in the process of creating our own cosmetic line and would like to thank everyone for the valuable advice that has been already been around and future!

    Thank you!
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    Hi ,

    My name is Og from Nigeria.. I have no biochemist or chemist background whatsoever except for that which I did in high school and college.

    I have over the years grown aware of natural alternatives to what gets dumped down here in this part of the world.. It is very heartbreaking and sad what is going on here. So in a bit to help my family and those around me however I can I got interested in more natural options to daily living. 

    I am interested in natural soap making, more of liquid soap making for the body.. I have been making for family and friends but nothing commercial.. Now I want to go commercial and need all the help, knowledge and experience I can gather.. From the easiest and cost effective way to start up to the experts/Professionals experiences that can teach me. I am very willing to learn and would appreciate any help I get..  So I look forward to learning and interacting with you all... 
  • Hie My name is Tom ,i have worked as quality controller in the detergents and cosmetic industry for 10 years and have recently started my detergents company which would be incoperating cosmestics soon.
  • Hi All! I'm Antonio.

    I'm a medicinal chemist who has worked for years in pharma companies doing synthetic chemistry and some extraction of botanicals. 
    Now I'm working on a few side projects that require some formulation work and I am realizing how little I know about this whole side of chemistry!!
    I am working with a natural pet care company that is making shampoos, moisturizers etc for dogs. They are aiming for whole foods and organic certification so of course ingredient choices are limited making formulation challenging.
    I am also working with a medical marijuana company that makes vape cartridges, beverages and all kinds of products. I mostly do the extractions on the plant material but I also help with the edible/smokable product formulations

    Found this great forum from google searches and have been reading it and learning lots, hope to learn much more from all of you and to try to contribute whatever I can myself!

  • Hi, my name is Naomi and I am 15 years old. In the last year, I have become very interested in the cosmetic science world and since then have been trying to build my own cosmetic business. 
    I am very glad that I have found this forum and the chemists corner website. It has helped me a lot with my research. Thank you Perry for giving this information so freely and so adequately. 
  • Hi my name is JR.

    I want to start by saying discovering this forum/website has been one of my greatest finds on the web. After reading all ≈400 introduction post I was hooked to this forum and wanted to learn as well as contribute more to this amazing site. Although I am new (2 years) to formulating & developing products I am not a stranger to natural & synthetic ingredients. As a child I grew up in a family owned business where 300+ different items were sold. There they sold everything from chilies, spices, herbs, teas, nuts, candies, and more. After graduating high school and throughout college I spent countless hours at the factory. I did my research and homework on all the items sold. In addition I took interest in packaging & labeling, manufacturing within the industry (development of machines and assembly lines for suppliers of all raw materials), growing and agriculture of products, creating of house specialty blends, marketing, and plenty more. This knowledge has benefited myself in so many ways that it has opened my mind and window of opportunity to new industries. By being a part of this forum I feel that I can receive as well as provide new insight for the industry. I’m highly interested in creating as well as developing and love learning along with teaching the ins and outs of how things are made.

    Thank you



  • Hi everyone, I'm Lila.

    This is short story 'Because of my love to change the hair color'.
    I became problem with my hair after 10+ years of dyeing . So it was a challenge for me to fix this problem. And, I did it. So my specialisation is hair care cosmetics. 

    I am chemist with second basic medical education, nutritionist.
    I have 4 years experience in formulation, own projects. 

    Will be glad to meet new friends here 
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    My name is Christer, a Swedish guy studying food science and nutrition at Uppsala University. I have been making hyaluronic acid gels for a couple of years now, for myself and friends only. I find interest in improving formulation and learning more about skin actives, and also the relationship between healthy diet and healthy skin.

    Looking forward to many interesting conversations here!

  • Hi everyone.

    My name is Teejay and I'm from Nigeria. I discovered this forum a few months ago when I became interested in manufacturing hair shampoos. 

    I don't have much knowledge about cosmetics and formulation. I'm interested in learning how I can improve my formulation and also sharing with you my experience in the last few months.
  • Hello everyone!!  My name is Sharmon. Thank you for accepting me into the group.  I'm in the process of starting my business.   I'm also in school for my AS in Chemistry.  My business is body butter and I want a formulation that will provide benefits and is all natural.  I am here because I need help on how to figure out the amounts of each ingredient to add that will create a well balanced product with "visible" results. 
  • Hi Everyone! Thought I would do a quick post as I have just joined the forum (long time lurker). I'm from Australia and have a passion for skincare. I have done some correspondence study in natural formulation and have been working away at formulating some products for the past year. I am hoping to launch a small skincare line next year. This is such a great place, full of so many knowledgable individuals! Thank you for letting me join the chemist corner community!
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    Welcome to all the new members! 

    I'd suggest you start a new discussion with a question you might have.  Just click the "New Discussion" button located on the right column under the blue button.
  • Thank you for approving my request to join this forum. My name is Monique, I'm from Florida. I have been in the nursing field for 17 yrs and have recently thought about formulating cosmetics and starting a small business. I'm here to read and learn and as much as possible.
  • Hi everyone,
    My name is Shannon from Canada. I studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry in university and recently started as a formulator in a natural cosmetics company. I absolutely love playing with different ingredients and can't wait to share my experience with you all. Thank you for making this forum so informative
  • Hello All. I'm Moses from Nigeria. I'm a beginner in commercial laundry bar soap using cold process. Unfortunately, I don't have a background in Chemistry. I look forward to learning a lot here.
  • Hi everyone, 

    My name is Stephanie. I recently got my B.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Cincinnati and I currently work at a cosmetic contract manufacturer in quality control and my goal is to become a cosmetic formulator after getting my Masters in Cosmetic Science from my alma mater. 
  • Hello! Thank you for approving my request to join this forum. My name is Jennifer and I live in Michigan. I have a small organic skin care company with my sister-in-law. I am self taught in formulating and stick to anhydrous products to create. I am here to ask questions and be involved in a community where I can learn and hopefully help, too. I look forward to learning from all of you!
  • Hi, My name is Mrs K and I am co-owner of a small artisan bath and body products company with my husband.  I have been snooping around on this site for a couple of years and decided to finally join. Glad I did. Thanks for the wealth of information!
  • Hi,my name is Panos and i am a Greek Pharmacist.I really love my Lab in the pharmacy where i make medicine after Rx.I also like phytotherapy and cosmetics.Thank you for accepting me
  • Hi, I am Qamar from Germany. I am an organic chemist. Currently I am working in a company having a very good fame in hair care products. In furture I am interested to start my own production lines in this field. I found this forum very informative and visited it regularly. I hope that I will learn a lot in your company.
  • Hello all. My name is Gaby and I've been employed as a cosmetic chemist since February. I'm still learning the ropes and this forum has helped a lot. I look forward to learning even more.
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    Hello! I'm Italian and I have a degree in Biologic Sciences; I work in plant genetics.
     I have an hobby: formulating and producing cosmetics for myself and for some friends.  I never sell anything, but I'm always concerned about my products,  because we (I mean "we hobbyist" not professionals) rarely have access to Technical Data Sheets and we have to rely on the information we can find in the web,  which is often questionable. For example, in this period I've  a load of doubts concerning the best use of the preservatives I employ. When looking around for something with solid scientific bases I often find this site......so here I am. Thank you for sharing the knowledge!

  • Hello everyone 
    My name is Reuven Lahav.
    I am from Israel. I am the manager and the formulator of " Diva -Cosmetics & Parfumes Industry" (Est. !905) third-generation manufacturer of boutique cosmetics.
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    Welcome to the forum!  Feel free to start a new discussion if you have a question.
  • Hi I'm Caroline from the UK,  
    I started formulating natural skincare products about 2 years ago.  I don't come from a science background, actually I came to formulating rather by chance - a felt wrapped soap of all things. 
    I've been following the recent 30 day to become...podcasts, which I'm enjoying - thanks for sharing your knowledge Perry.  I think Chemists Corner is a superb resource and hopefully this will help me become a better formulator,  I'm glad I stumbled across it.
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    Thanks!  Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Denise and I am a medical missionary. This is a fantastic forum--thanks for dedicating yourself to this Perry & for accepting me to be a part of this.

    I am an intrepid DIY enthusiast (cp & hp soap making, remodeling, woodworking, etc) with the mind set that if they can do it, so can I. For a few years now, I have been making my own personal care products for my own personal use, and I am absolutely obsessed with making my own hair care products!  However, I feel there are things that I can learn to enhance the products.

    As a missionary, I love to help people that are in need. Doing the best I can to help someone else brings joy to me. Another hobby I have is sewing & making crafts for children. 

    My goal with this forum is to learn and hopefully this will help to resolve some concerns I have about the products I am currently making. I have learnt so much from reading thus far on this forum & I look forward to the continued enriching experience I will have.
  • Hi Mike here, I am interested in creating a line of products for Horses, shampoo, conditioner and a fly spray.  My brother and I own and operate a training facility in New York we plan on using our brand to drive sales to our product line...... I am in the development phase.  Looking for help and support as to avoid the pitfalls  
  • MaxMax Member
    Dear all, Gday from Oz.
    Max here.... 25 years as Organic Chemist in many different roles.
    Having now an interest in cosmetics, shampoos....
    Looking forward learning more and more...

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm shreeshail, I new to this forum. I'm working with a Cosmetic company now and I more interested in development of natural products. Hope this forum helps in development of natural products & looking forward such discussion ahead.
    Thank you all :)
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Welcome to the group!  We have chemists from around the world. I think there are a couple from Oz.

    @Shree_18 - you'll find talk about "natural" products here but the opinions will be supported by science which is not the case in many other forums that touch on the subject.

  • Hi everyone! 

    My name is Emily Anne, new to the cosmetic formulation world. My background is in CO2 reduction using inorganic/organometallic catalysts I synthesized and tested. I learned quickly that a PhD was not the route for me and after receiving my MS in Chemistry (Dec 2017), I am ready to break into the cosmetic industry! I am deep into Perry's formulating course and hope perusing this forum will help me gain a working knowledge of the field as I look for a entry-level formulation position :) 

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