Clarient Plantasens HE20

Has anybody used Plantasens HE20?  Would you care to share your experience with it  - successes, failures, any co - emulsifiers you've used, any cosmetic preservative or ingredient it doesn't mix well with in a formulation etc.

Thanks in advance  


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    My experience with these glucoside surfactants is that you always need a co-emulsifier with them.  The claims of "one-pot emulsification" are mainly false. Not a problem in formulating, mind you, just one of marketing credibility. Also, stay out of the sub-6.0 pH range. Instability may ensue. Preservation is not an issue; these are not the nonionics that interfere with formaldehyde donors.
  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    I tried Emulgin VL-75 which is based on lauryl glucoside. We had a terrible experience with it. Yes it is a good emulsifier; both I and my testers had a bad skin reaction (came up in pus-filled pimples). Since then, and bearing in mind the increasing reports of glucoside allergy, I avoid any leave-on products that contain glucoside.
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  •  I'll keep searching for that evasive emulsifier. That one pot emulsification claim really appealed to me and possibility of allergies not very promising. Thanks gents.
  • DoreenDoreen Member
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    Do nonionics also interfere with formaldehyde releasers? I thought this was with parabens and phenoxyethanol only?
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