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Hey there,

My name is Mika Koenen and I'm working on my own cosmetic brand. Now, I'm stuck on the bodylotion and the face wash products. For both I have already the 'basic' formula, only I still searching for the oil parts of both. My bodylotion is based on cacao butter and I'm looking for a oil that feels fresh and contains anti-oxidants and vitamines. For now I got Jojoba-oil in my bodylotion. For the face wash I now got as oil part Japanese mint-oil, but although it's really fresh, it misses the vitamines and anti-oxidants. On the internet I find a lot of different oils, but because of the wide choice, I have no idea which one is the best. So I hope maybe some of your experiences can help me out.

Any help or tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Mika Koenen


  • Hi Mika... have you been looking at Dr. Josh Axe's site?  (  I really love this guy, he has the right blend of being scientific, but finding his science in essential oils and other "natural" products.  
  • Many non volatile oils (like argan oil etc) contain a relatively low % of vitamin E (tocopherols), this vitamin acts as an anti-oxidant under certain circumstances. Usually, oils don't contain other (lipophilic = fat soluble) vitamins naturally. You can choose to add an anti-oxidant, like alpha tocopherol, yourself (0,01-0,1%, depending on which oil).

    There is a difference between (non volatile) oils and ethereal oils (volatile, also called 'essential' oils). The mint oil you mention is from the last group.
    Pure ethereal oils are lipophilic blends of aromatic compounds from plants.
  • Hi dear, my name is Sabah and I am working on face lotion that Has 7 different oils using shea butter as a base cream. My theme is to use strictly natural oils. I noticed that in hot weather the cream melts and some oil seperates. How can I make my mixture stable? And whether I can use a natural preservative within this mixture? Also i will appreciate it if u guide me into which iul is high in vitamin C which I can add to my formula. Thank you in advance.. Sabah
  • "Oil" not "iul"
  • I use oils from Imodlex Biotech. they have good quality oils and you can chose the quality, organic or conventional <span>:smile:</span>
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