Lab scale Mixer for xanthan gum and water

I am making a roll-on deo formulation and for its aqueous phase I have to use Xanthan gum for thickening. I dispersed the gum first in a little glycerin and then added water which gives smooth aqueous solution with honey like consistency.

Now here the problem is, taking small batches (10-20 ml)  in a test tube and shaking with hand gives very good results but when I go for big size (lab scale) batch, such as 250 or 500 ml of aqueous solution, a simple stick blender is not at all being able to move or mix the solution!

What type of Mixer I should use here? Any suggestions about a Mixer to be used for such application??

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  • power drill with a propeller attachment, or kitchen aid cake batter mixer.  Think outside the box and I'm sure you can find something.
  • @chickenskin !

    Thank you! Your first suggested option was already in my mind and now I will try both of your options.
  • em88em88 Member
    Based on my experience, spiral propeller worked better in making creams compared with dispersing homogenizing blade.
    For HEC gels I have only used the spiral propeller, not sure if other type of blades would work better. 
    @Perry, what is your experience with blade paddle and umbrella type blade?
  • @em88 For HEC gels I'm using blade paddle with high shear revers flow  100 kg mixer with very good results 
  • Thank you Perry, em88 and Lahav for your kind suggestions!  :)

  • em88em88 Member
    @Lahav, Thank you for your feedback. I will try the blade paddle too and do a comparison.

  • Hello friends,

    In my search for finding an efficient Mixer for Xanthan gum and such other viscous solutions,  I just came across one video which seems to be a very interesting option for this type of task and I thought I should share it with you people. :)

    Please have a look at this video and leave your advices & comments. It has very simple but quite efficient blade design and the mixing awesome! :o


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    Seems to have a very effective impeller design since it draws from all parts of the surface without even being orbited. If the price is OK I would buy it myself.
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  • I cannot open the video/link!

  • @zaidjeber,
    I had written the www link in my last posting but somehow it appeared as a direct video visual. Anyways, u can search "Xanthan gum 2% powder wetting in water" in Google videos and you will get it.
  • @kamalkm thanks ;-)
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