ingredient for fragrance staying power in a lotion

hi there fellas 

do anybody know about a specific ingredient \list of ingredients in lotions or creams that gives the fragrance a longer staying power ?
thank you in advance :)  


  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    This "ingredient" should be part of the perfume. Ask your perfume supplier to formulate a more suitable fragrance. There is no "one size fits all" answer to this.
  • MakingSkincareMakingSkincare Member, Professional formulator
    Goldie, the fragrance needs more base notes (see: and fixatives such as vertofix can also be added.

    Also, for the lotion/cream itself, you can add a cationic ingredient such as cationic guar to help the lotion (and therefore fragrance) stay longer.
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  • i agree with Johnb--go back to perfumer and give him a liter of unfragranced base and tell them to increase base note/ long do you want it to last:did similar with shower to shower but of course that was/is powder and encapsulation in b-cyclodextrin seemed to work best as i recall.
  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    Vertofix (as recommended above) has a quite characteristic and persistent odour which may well not fit into the accord offered by your fragrance. There is also the possibility that it may dominate the odour remaining after the main fragrance has evaporated and leave some not very pleasant odour notes.

    There is a lot more to fragrance creation than slinging together any old smelly materials hoping that they will create that could be considered a "perfume".
  • pbspbs Member
    Vertofix has a very specific woody/ambery even leather facette... it's only one of dozens of aroma chemicals that may be used as a base to augment fixation. It is a fixative that will increase staying power but it is far from neutral!
  • goldiegoldie Member
    thank you guys on all of your great answers
    first thing i will do is to go to the supplier but to be fair he did tell me upfront that some notes are "light"and  will not last and some will stay for quite a while
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