Hey guys! So I posted here a while back asking a similar question [making a slippy conditioner] and went back to reexamine my old formula after multiple issues being brought to light with it. After much review, I came to this formula and wanted to know any problematic areas to touch up on: 

16oz leave in conditioner:
Water: 81.8%: 13.088 oz
BTMS 50: 7%: 1.12 oz
Cetyl alcohol: 3.5%: 0.56 oz
Cetrimonium chloride: 3.5%: 0.56 oz
Coconut Oil: 2%: 0.32 oz
Polyquaternium-44: 0.2%: .032 oz
Fragrance Oil: 1%: .16 oz
pH balance: Citric acid: 0.5%: .8 oz
Preservative: Liquid Germall Plus: 0.5%: .8oz

Side note: Is it preferable this be kept in a plastic closed container versus a glass one? 


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