Gelmaker for light cream-gels..where to buy in the UK or EU?

Does anyone know where to source a gelmaker for cream-gels. I have seen them on the US sites,like Gelmaker EMU or Gelmaker ultra or similar, but nothing in UK, or EU even. Anyone who can recommend anything else which does the same job. Ingredients of one is this: Sodium acrylate / sodium Acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer & isohexadecane & polysorbate 80



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    Gelmaker EMU is supplied by makingcosmetics who will supply to the UK and Europe

  • I know. The only problem is it is about $50 for shipping, so I want to get hold of something similar closer to home. 

    But thanks for the reply! :)
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    The original product names for this combination:
    Sepigel 305 (personalformulator), Sepiplus (lotioncrafter), simulgel INS 100 (chemistrystore renamed it: body cream & lotion creator) or Simulgel EG (makingcosmetics renamed it: gelmaker emu).

    See this forum

    I don't think there are any other sources for small users.
  • Thanks a lot! I will look into that!

  • That does sound about the same. Thanks a lot for that tips!

    Would it be possible to get anywhere same result with carbomer and polysorbate?

  • Would it be possible to create a cream gel, similar to what the Gelmaker EMU can make using Carbomer and polysorbate? If so, should I first hydrate the carbomer in some of the water while make the emulsion with the rest of the water and oils and the Polysorbate, and then pour together? Also, what kind of percentages to use?
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    The very first cream I designed, was a copy of a famous hand cream range based on shea butter as the emollient. I was so surprised that it actually performed as well or better than the original, that it convinced me that I could learn how to design products.
    That cream was a carbomer cream using Carbopol 940. 
    Basically, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, shea butter, with glyceryl monostearate as the only emulsifier. It has 0.5% mixed silicones, various humectants including aloe, and green tea extract. If you use organic shea butter you will find that the retinol content fades photo-age spots and improves skin tone.
    Technically, such an emulsion is not likely to be stable. However, the carbomer prevents separation and the emulsion, once cooled, is perfectly stable, has excellent sensorials and is in general a high quality hand cream. I suggest using 0.4% of Carbopol 940 and neutralise it just before cool down with 0.2% of NaOH.
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  • Thanks a lot for your reply! I will try some formulations in the weekend and see.

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    Cold process polymeric emulsifiers are very popular amongst chemists and finding their way into the DIY homecraft market. Once you've used one you'll be hooked!!  A formulating tip - they are sensitive to electrolytes (aloe, protein, some extracts, hyaluronic acid etc) and most prefer a pH of above 6 so aren't suitable to use with organic acid preservatives.

    BTW often DIY resellers rename ingredients.   Gelmaker Ultra is actually IntegriGEL O/W MO 2-11pH and Gelmaker Ultra is Seppic's Simulgel.  The Simulgel you can buy from these 2 European DIY resellers: macosmetoperso and

    Sepigel is also a popular and worth trying - it's sold by  A nice tip: if your formula is too thin - you can hand stir 1% of this in at the end and it will thicken nicely (provided the pH isn't too low and there are no electrolytes).

    If you'd like something similar to Gelmaker sold in the UK I'd recommend BASF's cosmedia ACE which is sold by Gracefruit in the UK as Easymix velvet.  

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  • Thanks a lot for that info. A lot easier to buy from there!

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