Recipes/formulas needed for men's skincare idea

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Hello, we are looking for unique and original fantastic vintage style men's formulas/recipes for the following products which should be as natural as possible.
Moisturizer, face scrub, face wash gel, shaving cream, shaving puck, shaving soap bar, shampoo, conditioner, pomade, beard wax.

We are prepared to pay good money for innovative, original recipes, these have to be vintage in smell and feel.
If there is somebody out there who is up and coming and has the x factor and/or maybe would like to work with us long term, then please get in touch.

Based in Hungary and UK

P.S. ideally we would prefer a sample recipe sent to us, this helps us to choose the most suitable person and helps to avoid spam and wastng time.


  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    I'm somewhat tempted to suggest that this is not the sort of request we need in this forum. @Perry ;and everyone else, what are your opinions? (Please feel free to tell me I'm way off base here)
    Robert Zonis, Sr. Formulation Chemist, Beaumont Products "All opinions and comments expressed are my own, have no relation to Beaumont Products, are fully copyrighted, and may not be used without written permission."
  • Bobzchemist  - offering people a potential job long term and the chance to be successful, what is wrong with that, you might be okay but many people aren't and might relish this opportunity, 
  • Problem with "vintage" is that most of them contain illegal (or unwanted) ingredients. Vintage is synthetic - not natural
  • @Spinr - the challenge with your request is the post script which states that in order to obtain employment with your start-up, an interested applicant should send you a sample formula. 

    Suggesting that a chemist should work for free in order to 'earn' the opportunity for more work takes things a little too far as @Bobzchemist rightfully objects. I would be highly suspicious of any so-called chemist with the time or inclination to jump through hoops like that. 
  • My advice to someone with no experience in the industry or who lacks technical savvy, wanting to start a business built around chemical formulations is to either hire yourself a seasoned cosmetic chemist or work with a private label firm.  

    Private label firms can provide you with starter formulations and manufacture them for you either in bulk or provide completed packaging ready for distribution. They have their own labs and chemists and will work with you for a special customized line to suit your fancy. This will let you enter the market quickly, allowing you to focus on packaging design and marketing.  Once you have established distribution and brand identity (and many have used this approach) then you can incrementally bring on your own chemical staff (and equip your own laboratory).  

    Next, one-by-one (this might be a three to five year plan), you create your company's own unique products, substituting those (if they are better) for what you are buying from the private label house.
  • Problem lies in Logistics.Seems like litmus test for acceptability is client judgement not psychosensory or consumer test.You cannot judge adequately by looking at a formula:sending samples to Uk would be burdensome.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @Bobzchemist  - if we got a lot of posts like this I think it would make sense to remove them. But I think this one led to an interesting discussion (kicked off by you) so I'll leave it. 

    I do think it's a rather naive request and one that I wouldn't personally pursue as it does minimize the hard work and skill required to be a good formulator.

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