Cosmetic Chem Manufacturing and Self Filling?

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hello, we have made some progress in terms of creating an anti-aging eye serum (matrixyl synthe 6 is main active) and are now looking to go to market.  We have addressed the packaging and secondary packaging but are struggling to find a company that can take our ingredient list and make the serum.  Also we are curious if given our MOQ of 1000 units that it may be a challenge to find a co that can manufacture the serum and then fill our containers, is one option to get the serum made for the 1000 units of 0.5oz (15ml) and then fill the containers and package ourselves?  

At any rate, would love some recommendations on cosmetic chem manufacturers.  we have looked on the web, found large scale ones but not many for the MOQ we are at.


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    Hi achokshi, 

    Not sure of your location, but here in Western North Carolina (US), we have a manufacturing facility that is geared towards start-ups and bridging this gap in volume. Let me know if you want more info or check out their website:!

    Depending on your formula and your location, I may be able to help you get it made there. 
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    Just offhand, that's only a 4 gallon batch. Making it and then filling 1000 pieces entirely by hand with a syringe shouldn't take more than 30 hours or so. Why not make it in the lab and just hire a temp to fill it? Or are you not FDA registered?
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    A pro tip for filling a lot of units, either pour when the lotion is hot and liquid andor use a peristaltic pump with a check valve and foot pedal :)

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