Acacia gum ( gum arabic)

I bought 1kg acacia gum , because of its quite low price and am now experimenting with it.
I previously used 0.7% xanthan gum in my anti-age facial cream, which turned out great but I am now trying to substitute xanthan with acacia gum.
As it has lower viscosity, in my first try I used 4% , however the cream is still thin. How much is an appropriate amount? Could I use it in shampoos?

Good thing is that it is really easy to disperse


  • beautynerdbeautynerd Member
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    Acacia gum is inherently low viscosity.

    You're better off experimenting with a mixture of the two. Try 3 parts acacia to 1 part xanthan for example. 

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    ^^^ wow. What a great reply.
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  • johnbjohnb Member, Professional Chemist
    Acacia gum has its own unique properties and is not interchangeable with other materials. It can work synergistically with other gums - some such combinations are marketed.
    One thing to note with acacia is that it is the exudate from a tree and is liable to contamination with all sorts of detritus and subject to variations in composition and properties depending on the growing conditions of the parent tree, seasonal differences (harvest time) and so on.
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