Water based pomade help

Hello I'm Danial.I want advices for my water based pomade.I've been testing for about 2 months with all kind of method and ratios and all kinds of formulas.But I haven't reach where the product will be transparent gel and I don't know where I got wrong.I tried at least all kinds of mix but still.Sometimes it becomes crystalized at package when fully harden.Sometimes there's still some kind of oil in the inside.These are some of my problems
-Too hard
-Too oily
-Too soft(when rub at hand doesn't have the smooth texture)
-Doesn't have the transparency
-Does not hold (hair)
I tried double boil and even direct heat

Water 60-75%
Cetereth-25 10-20%
Glycerin 5-15%
Porpylene glycol 0-5%
Peg-7 <5%
Peg-40 <5%
Pvp-k90 5-10%

All of these below 1%
Dmdm hydotoin
Peg-12 dimethicone
Peg-8 beeswax

And I want to ask does peg 12 and peg 8 is the same function?
Hope for your respond because I nearly tried everything and doesn't reach my final product yet.I'm a homebrewer


  • 1. Does your final product even exist? Are you copying a benchmark? 2. How can a product be to hard and to soft at the same time? 3. Hold is limited in these type of formulations, due to that they never "dry out" on the hair as do water/EtOH gels
  • Dear Danial, This formula is emulsion based due to Cetereth-25 which will never form transparent pomade. Which kind of appearance do you want in your end product?  
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    @ashish It will form a clear emulsion provided he gets rid of all that extra stuff and which he is trying to copy. I have a very clear product with just the ethoxylate, MPG, glycerin, PEG-8 Beeswax and Polysorbate-20. PVP K90 can interfere with the refractive index and hence needs to be added in an optimum dosage say around 0.25-0.5%. This of course is in context to my clear formula. 
  • salut
    elimine de ta liste ces produits et tout ira bien : : 
    Peg-12 dimethicone
    Peg-8 beeswax

  • Okay thanks all.Im nearly getting the clear formula
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