Single use pod packaging

Are there contract manufacturers of these in North America?

Internet searching isn't panning out for me so far. 

As an aside: How feasible is it to find a supplier of the empty pods and attempt to fill these oneself with some sort of manual heat sealer?

We are looking at selling some single use masks as a pilot project of sorts and aren't expecting to need large quantities. 


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    I strongly advise you to test market first in order to see if there is any demand. We tried single-use masks in Mexico and so did another company and we both gave up on the idea. And these were easier to use than the design you reference (pouched fabric masks). We ended up giving them all away as freebies. Hundreds of them.
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  • @Perry @Belassi ... Thanks guys. Hopefully @chemicalmatt will chime in. 

    I agree with the need to test the market. Because of the micro-niche we are going for, the intention is try a kickstarter campaign to generate interest.

    It may be more trouble than it's worth. We could just produce test run of full size units but... I have a hunch these will be better suited to the price point people are comfortable when impulse buying a new brand/product. Perhaps from there we could establish enough consumer loyalty to scale up. 

    The best short term hack solution I have so far is: 

    Pods / Foil Lids / Manual Sealing Machine

    (sealing machine will need custom mold small enough for the pods)

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    Elise, these 2 oz. induction-sealed pods require very specialized equipment, especially should you want to embed them in the mailer. (We call that "card tipping" in the biz.)  Most of the available machines run 5 oz. and higher, and those can be had on the aftermarket at a bargain; think cream cheese containers in the U.S. dairy case. These smaller-die machines are used to fill single-use ketchup pods that you see in fast-food joints. We do not have one, and I'm unsure who does in the cosmetics realm.  I have to think the MOQ will be 250,000 plus should you find someone.  Single-use pouches are more economical, just not as groovy looking.
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