Preservatives in a high oil % formula

Hey there! should i be using an oil soluble preservative in a cleaning soap bar that will come into contact with a lot of water? or should it be a water soluble preservative/?? the bar will be >90% anhydrous... i still would need a preservative yes??


  • Water activity is very low in solid soaps, and generally pH is high enough to eliminate almost any organism in the normal manufacturing conditions that must be pretty clean.
  • @dilfre yes thank you! however i meant its a soap free cleaning bar/paste. sorry that was my mistake!
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    guess you need to protect that 10% aqueous phase, also here most of the professionals suggest to use preservative even for lipo phase just in case. But as Dilfre said if the pH is above 10 then you can think of skipping it. 
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