Thickening a non-sulfate hand soap / shampoo

hello.  This might have been covered before but does anyone have tips to thicken a simple hand soap / shampoo.  I have used combo of betaines / sultaines @ 25% and qs'ing Pure HOH.  My goal is just to make a simple water, surfactant, dmdm, thickener.  Thank you


  • BelassiBelassi Member, PCF student
    There are many ways each with their own negative side. A few:
    Gums: take ages to wet, stringy feel.
    PE Gel: hot process needed, viscosity very dependent on temperature
    Carbomers: not recommended frankly
    Nonionic: Glucamates, wonderful but expensive
    Cocamide MEA: foam booster, effective thickener, but can't really use sufficient %

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