Need help on a Aqua activated theatrical makeup formula?

If you have advice on qty of ingredients, how to mix etc. looking to create something similar to Kryolon Aqua makeup or Wolf's aqua pallet. Thank you


  • After reviewing @laskedbetter forum on how to ask for help, I realized I probably asked this question poorly. 

    Perhaps i I can put my notes to gather to be more specific. I am a chemist enthusiast at best. I am trying to educate myself on chemistry to formulate specific types of product for a niche market. Ultimately I would bring a rough draft formula to a lab for production. The R&D phase at a lab isn't just costly ( price is not the issue) but I have noticed that most of the time they don't understand my goals because they are only thinking "department store" makeup.

    hoping to collaborate, learn and expand my knowledge through this forum.

    thanks in advance for any help.
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    I am not sure which level you are at but if it is basic, then swiftcraftymonkey's website is a good place to start.

    When you are ready you can put your formulas for "Kryolon aqua makeup and Wolf's aqua pallet" in % (including the process) here and I'm sure you will get constructive feedback.
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