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I want to create a natural body wash for my line. I used castille soap, glycerin, water, and bubble wash concentrate, and some fragrance oils but it was not soapy enough. Will adding salt or citric acid help in creating more suds? I dont have alot of ingredients to experiment with so I need a for sure answer. If they would not help what will?


  • Lecithin
    Xanthan gum.
  • Thanks for the quick reply! I did use guar gum after I posted the question, and it thickened pretty well. Will the lecithin add  more suds?
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    My reference for foam in the shower is cold process soap which produces abundant stable lather. Lecithin won't give more foam.
    Castille soap is rubbish for foam. Forget it. Use a high foaming soap instead. Adding salt or citric acid will not help, quite the contrary in fact. What is the "bubble wash" and please post the % values.
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