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Hi everyone.  I have seen a few discussions here that touched on this topic, but I think the ones that might have been most applicable to me were lost when the server crashed, perhaps.  (I tried to access links that were cached, but they were no longer found).

Anyway, I am entering into a new business venture, and am attempting to assemble a list of all of the equipment I would need to develop a few formulations for hair and skin care. It has been a long time since I worked in a lab, and bench work/formulating was never my area of expertise, although I have done some of that. (I was primarily a characterization, polymer structure-property specialist).  I will be starting small as I attempt to develop a basic formula, then once we tweak it for our desired properties, some scale-up will be undertaken. This is going to be done in my kitchen for now most likely, so I also need it to be safe, compatible with home power supplies, and safe!

 I was hoping you guys could help me put together something that would help me do the work I needed to do.  The budget will be fairly reasonable I think, with one criteria being that things be suitably diverse, and preferably new (for warranty's sake, tech support, reliability).

1.  I assume I need an overhead mixer.  What type?  How strong of a motor?  What sort(s) of blades? Best manufacturer?

2.  pH meter?

3.  Thermocouple? 

4.  Magnetic stirrer hotplate? 

5.  Do we need a viscometer?  If so, what kind?

6.  What kind of glassware?

7.  Clean water..?  We made our own twice-distilled water in my lab, which is not an option in my home.  What should we use?

8. a Balance or scale.

General: Pipettes, weighing boats, kim wipes, safety glasses, bottles or containers for product....

What else in both small and larger scale items... ?    I need to prepare and submit a full list, and would rather have it be as comprehensive as possible from the outset.

Thank you for your input, if you have time. :)


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