Best places to find suppliers of raw materials

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Hi everyone!  Can you please tell me where the best places to find suppliers of raw materials online?  I already look on the INCI database and C&T's CBR database, but I know there should be others out there.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


  • Can you tell me where you want these suppliers to be located and what weight of ingredients you want to order?
  • Innovadex is fine.
  • Mike,  I'm just looking for alternate suppliers for a variety of ingredients.  For example, there should be a variety of suppliers for capsaicin, but the INCI database only lists one, and the CBR doesn't list any.  Innovadex lists one other.  Aren't there any others?

    Thanks Alyla!  I forgot to say that I look there too :)

  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    Are you a professional or a hobbyist?

    Also, which INCI database are you looking at? I found 5 suppliers.
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    Are you looking for places online to buy chemicals or looking for places online to see where you can call to buy chemicals, like buyers guides?

    If you want to buy small amounts online Google:
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  • Hi. I live in Australia & have received a few prices from a distributor for (BASF etc.)  I have to say how terribly expensive they all are. Not sure if reason being that they are not actually manufactured here & have to be imported or that that I don't need to order huge amounts.  When I compare these prices with quotes received from China manufacturers...

    So, what is your opinion on obtaining ingredients from China? 
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    The high price is because you are not ordering a large amount and the supplier wants a certain minimum  amount of money if he is going to fill an order. If another entity were to order 1000 times the amount you require, they might pay 30x less than you are being quoted.

    Remember, price has very little to do with cost. A seller will charge you as much as he thinks you will accept. Because you are only ordering a small amount, your ability to negotiate is not as great. But, you still can talk to the supplier about the high costs and ask for a price drop.

  • mikebavington: Thank you for your comments:)
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    I am sure that there is at least one small-volume/hobbyist supplier in Australia. I'll ask around.

    China has a problem with accountability and quality. Both problems are linked: if you received a contaminated raw material from a supplier in China, and the supplier refused to replace it, what could you do? At least in the US, the answer to that question is - absolutely nothing. 
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  • In Canada, a good supplier of unique ingredients is:
  • Hi, I am looking for a supplier of raw materials to combine with a plant based ingredient to create a natural nail polish strengthener. Please let me know who can help.
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    Hello, any advice on suppliers in UK, please?
    Thank you.
  • Hello
    if you are based in Oz a supplier that provides small quantities is newdirections.
  • I noticed that some ingredients on makingcosmetics are marked as made in china. Does anyone know if MC is doing their own quality assessment prior to re-packaging or is the customer on its own if the product is not pure enough?
  • If you are a hobbyist in Canada and live near Vancouver then you could order from

    At first it may seem like they don't have all that much for anything but soap, but if you do a search in the search bar for what it is that your are looking for then you can find a lot of different things (emulsifiers, preservatives, emollients, surfactants. etc.)

    Their prices are also quite reasonable with pretty quick shipping (although the current strike may cause some issues there). I have gotten some pretty good deals on a variety of things there.
  • My advice to you that stay away from China because of quality, and honesty 
  • I had very bad experience with them. Ok 
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    @Dtdang - in what way? I've not had any problems so far.
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