tiny bubble on the finished product

hi, i was making a 400 g cream, after i finished, i notice many "tiny
bubble" on the surface of the cream.. i mean every time i take some with
my finger, i can see the "tiny bubble" on the surface.. i want the
finished product look smooth, no bubble at all

i think it was
from the cooling down phase (active / fragrance).... but the ingredient
from the cooling down phase cant put to the heated phase..

or is
it because the mixer ? i use high shear for all the preparation
including the cooling down phase at 55oC after that i use slow speed at
100rpm until the cream reach room temperature

help me make the finished product no more tiny bubble..

here is my recipe :

water                    ad 100
Niacinamide          3%
Disodium EDTA     0.1%
carbomer 940        0.25%

isopropyl myristat  3%
dimetichone          0.25%
polawax                4%
lipomulse              1%

cooling down :
DMDM hydantoin   0.5%
aloevera extract     3%
papaya extract      2%
apple extract         1%
fragrance               0.05%
TEA                     0.4%

here is the picture of the bubble..


  • 0.5% is the normal limit for papaya extract. You're making a carbomer cream, not surprising you are getting trapped bubbles. Not a problem as long as you dispense by weight. If you can dispense at 50C then you should find the problem much reduced.
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  • Silicones are good bubble bursters. If you have the time, you might want to increase dimethicone to improve the appearance of your emulsion.
  • crisbaysauli how much % dimethicone you suggest ?

    @charmer how much amount do you suggest ?

  • student54student54 Member
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    You could be right regarding the mixer issue.  Also, it's hard to get a reliable sample from less than 500 grams.  I don't know how many grams your sample size is.  You may try to mix moderately (Not High Mixing) and make sure that the head of the mixer is in the bulk of the sample (not on the surface)
  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist

    You're getting air trapped in the sample from the homogenizer head.  As Student54 said, make a much larger batch, perhaps 1000 grams and make certain your homogenizer head is well below the surface of the liquid.

    DO NOT use the homogenizer after you add the TEA to activate the Carbomer.  Instead, switch to a paddle stirrer.  This should help substantially in reducing the trapped bubbles.
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