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Hi guys, I have just recently enrolled for a cosmetic science course, my first assignment requires me to advise a company wishing to launch a new all-in-one foot moisturizing product suitable for all extreme weather conditions. My mind is running all over I cant seem to pinpoint the most relevant advice that will earn me marks, I dont want to put unnecessary points in this 2 page essay, please anybody help !! 


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    Interesting question.  It's hard to answer because I don't know what kind of advise you are supposed to give.  Formulating advice?  Sales advice?  Marketing advice?  

    I'll assume formulating advice.  For this I would suggest the formula should be light feeling and non-slippery.  You don't want it squishing around in someone's sock all day.  Also, since the foot would be covered you don't need to include heavy moisturizers like mineral oil or petrolatum.  And avoid humectants like glycerin because you don't really need any more moisture than the feet are naturally going to produce.  Mostly you want a product that will make the skin feel softer.  Including tea tree oil might also help as it could "naturally" fight some of the foot microbes.  It will also give a significant odor so that will have to be compensated for by using a fragrance.

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    PS.  What cosmetic science course are you in?
  • If you are looking for ingredients, you might try:

    Oil Phase:

    Mineral Oil
    Lanolin Wax or Oil
    Paraffin Wax
    Illipe Butter
    Castor Oil
    Macademia Nut Oil
    Stearic Acid
    Zinc Oxide

    Water Phase:

    Sodium PCA
    Propylene Glycol
    Aloe Vera

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    Formulating a product for extreme cold would likely require a different approach from formulating a product for extreme heat, etc. Making a product that was just as comfortable and effective for someone wearing heavy wool socks in the winter as it is for someone wearing flip-flops in the summer would require so many formulation compromises that you'd likely wind up with a mediocre product that sort-of works under all conditions, instead of a great product that only needs to work under one condition.

    How about suggesting that they launch a 3 or 4 SKU product line instead? One for cold, one for heat, etc.
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  • Check out  There is a line of foot care products, and one is an excellent moisturizer.

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