L-Lysine HCL recommended % in lip balm

We have a lip balm formulation that we would like to add L-Lysine HCL to.
All recommended quantities seem to be for internal use not topical formulations. Can anybody recommend a optimal range for use in a typical lip balm formulation (oil, butter, wax, etc)?

Thank you!


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    What do you want to add it to do?
    If it is just for marketing label claims, use 0.01%
    If you expect it to have drug effects then it would be illegal to use.

  • They sell this ingredient at PureNature.co.nz. They recommend up to 3%. 
    However, I believe it's water soluble. So in my opinion not suitable in balm.

  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    L-Lysine is a nutrient supplement which, based more on experience & hearsay than real science, can act as anti-metabolite by displaceing arginine (a limiting building block for virus biosynthesis). Lysine has to get to the basal layer of skin where the herpes virus dwells at sufficiently high levels and that is highly unlikely to happen if topically applied due to the physical properties of lysine.If you want a product which shows a hypothetical effect, than you might want to incorporate it at the highest feasible level and, by preference, as free base (which isn't soluble = would need to be incorporated as suspension).
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