What claims do you suggest for this shampoo that consumers will get and i can proof it too?

What claims do you suggest for this shampoo that
-consumers will like 
-will easily get that benefit from this shampoo
-Will feel it's difference from our competitors
and i can prove that benefit too?

Ingredients: water, SLES, SLS, CAPB, decyl Glucoside, lauryl Glucoside, Amodimethicone emulsion, guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, PQ10, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl Glycol, citric acid.
pH 5

My shampoos are the only one with silicone in  our market and the conditioning effect is superior to all of our competitors. 

All other shampoos in our market has SLES and SLS with cocamide DEA and some of them with CAPB as surfactant and low viscosity PQ10 or PQ7 as conditioner and formalin or CMIT/MIT as preservative.


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    Shine, detangling, fortifying... the list goes on. If your shampoo is truly superior in the market you are in, make the appropriate investment in packaging and design to differentiate yourself. 

    You can't exactly educate the consumers on the benefits of silicone or PQ10... Look at the moroccanoil, everything is based on the benefits of Argan, yet the lineup contains mainly silicones. 

    If your shampoo is superior in conditioning, it will be noticeable to consumers. It is something that is easy to assess. 

    Low viscosity can irritate consumers as they feel it is a lower quality. I have seen this in my market.   
  • @Cafe33 thanks a lot. 
    Yeah the only part that my retailers suggest us is to improve the packaging and design too.
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