Salicylic acid in aqueous base

Hello! I am a newbie to the forum and also to skin care formulating. I am more a soapmaker but have gotten interested in the rest.

I am try to make a 'natural' Anti-Dandruff gel for my son using Salicylic acid. The store bought products work until you use them and the problem is back.

I wanted to combine the healing of Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid and Salicylic acid. Is this feasible?

My proposed formula:
Hibiscus infused distilled water - q.s to 100
HA (1% solution preserved) - 20%
Aloe Vera extract - 0.5%
Lotus extract - 0.5%
HEC (for gelling) - 2%
Geogard ECT - 0.65%

If I have to introduce Salicylic acid in this, how and where can I do it? Dissolve it in glycerine or sodium lactate?

What do you all think?


  • Lots of threads on here and videos online on salicylic acid, but you won't be able to do it without using ethanol or a glycol/solvent, or you would have to purchase a product like Curcylicâ„¢ 40.
  • Thanks...finally figured how to search the forum..and yes there is a lot of info. 
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