Blending Preservatives and boosters

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Hello, I have started formulating skincare products on a small scale.  At this point, I only have the ability to purchase from redistributors like Formulators Sample Shop, Lotion Crafter, Making Cosmetics etc.  I have been trying a lot of different preservatives but would like to simplify my ingredient stock.

I am looking for guidance/resources on formaldehyde-free preservatives for products for sensitive skin…mainly o/w lotions & serums.  Most products are <5.5pH but I do have some formulas with Niacinamide w/pH around 6.1

I always use a chelator (typically Sodium Phytate / Dermofeel PA-3) and airless or UV protected containers.  I also tend to use Propanediol instead of Glycerin, is this helping as an additional booster?  

I have had good results with Euxyl PE 9010-but should I be adding additional boosters? i.e sodium benzoate or GMCY if working with plant-based extracts?Or should I be blending the PE9010 with another "broad spectrum" preservative blend? If so, how do I figure out the correct ratio/% of each preservative when mixing/blending in a formula?

I would like to move away from Phenoxyethanol but do not like the odor of benzyl alcohol. Any recommendations for preservatives that do not have a strong odor (i.e Geoguard ECT and Euxyl K903). I have had good results with Linatural Ultra 3, but I am struggling to meet the MQO at this stage.

Thank you very much for your time and knowledge…I have been trying for a while to find information to answer these questions without luck!

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