Can i add SLES 70% from hopper in inline homogenizer?

in manufacturing shampoo, for inline homogenizer like this, can i add SLES 70% paste from hopper close to the inlet of homogenizer? 


  • My hopper is like this
  • luiscuevasiiluiscuevasii Member
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    Yes, you might, i mean, i have a 25hp selfmade inline homogenizer that has no trouble sucking 70% sles, some times it became crystal and i have to pour water with a hose, and some time it get stuck but playing closing/opening the valves the problem solves.   its not my preferred proccedure, but i have made it a lot.  

    Right know we use double diaphagram pump for sles, i make 6.000liters batch that requieres two and a half drums of sles, its faster ussing a pump and requieres no-cleaning after, i just put the pump recirculating and it self-clean.
  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
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    @luiscuevasii thanks
    my mixer is 2.2 kw. It sucks the shampoo very slowly when the viscosity has increased. It may not be able to suck SLES from pipe. That is what i think. 

    Can you send the details of your double diaphagram! 
    Does it only need electricity to work or something else too.
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