Hand cream survey says???

Those that are following along at home, know that I am working on a hand cream.  I pride myself in having NO cosmetic industry experience, hence, no preconceived ideas.  I simply build things that feel good to me.  Most of my testers find that what feels good to me....feels good to them???  Go figure.

Well on to the survey.  Sent some samples out...and one recipient said...."too much play time"  He was getting 3-4 min of playtime.  (Probably not my target customer, but he is very integral to the process...hehehe.)

That does not surprise me....as I like playtime..., therefore I build it in. :)   

What are your thoughts?  Especially want to hear from those that regularly use hand creams.  You want play time?  Or you want to apply and get back to business? :)

Thank You in advance.....of course....No wrong answers.


  • Oh wow 3 minutes playtime would be too long for me too. I am a frequent user of cream on my dry hands so I need to apply and move on. For me there needs to be enough playtime that I can spread it over every millimetre of skin easily but then it needs to not require any further rubbing in or waiting to dry or “absorb”. That’s probably 10-15 seconds of playtime.

    Do you know what’s giving the long play time?
  • SylSyl Member
    I agree with Helen. I do not want too much playtime either. I use a lot of hand cream, I like a non-greasy and cushiony cream.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    For nail and cuticle creams, a longer play time is okay to get that cream really everywhere but like the previous posts, when working (job or garden) or to 'cure' too much hand disinfection, a fast job (1 minute already feels long then) is what I like and what suffices.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Hand cream, play time is annoying to me. You need it to be long enough like it felt you it spread on your hand but no longer. Otherwise, it just feels greasy.
  • PattsiPattsi Member
    previous job - frequently wash hands - play time - no.
    current job - use computer and mobile all day - play time - no.
    before bed - I put hand cream on my hands, knees, elbows, feet - play time - no - don't wanna rub 12-15 mins - just want to get it done then sleep.   
  • Well...on my first attempt to reduce...I will swap some (maybe 50/50?) of the behenyl for MM and then swap the CCC and Octyl palmitate for C12-15.

    See if that is enough.
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Swapping behenyl behenate with myristyl myristate is likely going to increase 'grease' and only with luck play time.
    Coco caprate/caprylate should have a short enough play time whilst octyl palmitate is used to increase play time. Me, I woldn't do a swap but just reduce octyl palmitate content (and probably also reduce the natural oils...).
    Maybe increase fatty alcohols a bit.
  • @Pharma I was going to reduce Behenyl alcohol and replace it for myristyl myristate.  (there is no behenyl behenate.)

    I had read a post a while back, and the chemist said that MM was good at reducing play time?  Not the case in your opinion?
  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    Oh, behenyl alcohol. I would dare saying that this shouldn't have a negative impact either (it's high melting). MM feels nice but due to its lower melting point compared to other ester waxes doesn't have that much of an effect when comparing different similar ingredients. The difference only comes into play when comparing w/o with w/.
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