What level of carbomer and triethanolamine can go with for a gel that is of low viscosity?

Good day, I need some assistance. What level of of Carbomer & Triethanolamine can I go with to make a low viscosity gel that I can pump out of a bottle? 


  • It would depend on the specific carbomer you use, each type can have a different viscosity effect at the same percentage and different skin feel. 

    You can look at the neutralization pdf on the percentage recommendation. 
  • Also depend on the size of the pump too.
    if it's too runny and you use big pump, it would spill.
    If it's too thick and you use small pump, it would be hard to pump.

    If you can provide more details, you may get more specific answer.
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    You would best get this answer at the Lab bench. Try different levels.
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