Modified HEC

Dear all,
I dissolved the modified HEC at 1% in the liquid soap base (80% water, 20% DM):oil saponified with potash then I would add potash for better dissolution and viscosity.
Before this step, I noticed that clumping forms are formed which are difficult to dissolve them.
have you a suggestion  or idea to correct this problem


  • @Tyss Is modified HEC, the hydrophobically modified version? HEC is usually added directly to the water, prior to surfactants/soap. If the material is not properly hydrated and the polymer is not able to expand, then clumps are formed, so it's better to add it before any other ingredient.
  • TyssTyss Member
    Yes, I use the hydrophobically modifed HEC

  • TyssTyss Member
    Dear all
    I need your help 
    Can we use caustic soda instead of potash in liquid soap to viscose it with modified HEC?
  • SylSyl Member
    If you use caustic soda instead of potash you will get a soap bar, not thick liquid soap. If you combine both potash and caustic soda you can make shaving soap. Thickening liquid soap is difficult, I never tried with Hec, but like Ketchito was saying you need to split the water needed to dissolve the potash soap paste between the soap paste and the HEC to test this solution. 
  • TyssTyss Member
    I think 0.1% caustic soda in a liquid soap made with potash and viscosed with HEC can do the trick or not? .
  • SylSyl Member
    I do not know, I never tried myself, but some people seem to make this work.
    I tried salt and borax, was not happy with the results, then I discovered the foam pump bottle and it resolved the problem. With the foam pump bottle ( It is also available in the electronic refillable version with sensors) you can use your liquid soap as is and get really nice thick foam.

    I never intended to use liquid soap as a shampoo since the high PH is not great for hair.
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  • SylSyl Member
    Soap made with caustic soda is not soluble like potash soap, therefore it will not be transparent.
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