Activated charcoal toothpaste breaking tubes

what did you think was responsible for activated charcoal toothpaste breaking tubes


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    Without an ingredient list...we can only speculate mechanical or defective material damage...but I don't think that was your question. :) 

    You are asking if an ingredient (or combination of) did this?  If so...also include material that tube is made of.  The chemist cannot answer....without any clues.

  • bayo1214bayo1214 Member
    Thickner Silica
    Abrassive Silica
    Prosense Freeze Flavour
    Activated Charcoal

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    Activated charcoal can be very adsorbent. This means that if you open a zip lock bag, put 500 grams of good quality activated charcoal inside, seal the zip lock shut, when you come back in 10 hours the zip lock can be all wrinkled and look like it's become vacuum sealed. 

    This adsorbency is what also helps gives it it's wonderful properties.

    I am not an expert on cosmetic materials or tube materials, but I know charcoal and there is a chance that the suction force caused by adsorption can degrade the structural integrity of your plastic tube.

    A simple way to test this further, you can use 500g of your activated charcoal to see if it does create a vacuum seal in a ziplock bag. If it doesn't, it's probably not that adsorbent and less likely to cause that packaging structural degradation. Hope this helps.
  • Tracy9, thanks for this succinct response, this is helpful, I also discover some of the tube swollen up, that is creating air vacuum in the tube though I'm still trying to do some studies to know what is the exacts course of this two observation.
  • I am no expert....but sounds like.... You are using a lot more Charcoal then they would in US formulas....where they just put a touch in...for claim (cudos).

    Sounds like you might need to hydrate it...before formulating with the morphing occurs before entering the final packaging.  Again...I am no expert!
  • Ok  thanks I appreciate your contribution and time
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