i am trying to formulate a clear hair wax, the basic formula is ceteareth-25 (25%), Water (51%), PG (5%), Glycerin (6%), PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (8%) PVP K 30 (2%), first, but the problem is when I dissolve oil and water phase it is turning milky not clear solution, al though the mixing temperature is 85 C.

Also if i want to use ceatereth 20 instead of c-25, will i can get the same clear wax, because c-30 is not easily available to me.


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    @fazalatif - you may try the following:
    15.0 % Ceteareth-20
    20.0 % PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate
    5.0 % Dicaprylyl Ether
    5.0 % Propylene Glycol
    add 100 % Water
    x % Fragrance (your choice)
    x % suitable preservative (
    Heat A and B separately up to 85°C and mix until uniform.
    When both reached the temperature add Phase B slowly into Phase A while mixing gently. Stir 10 min above 80°C.
    Cool to 65°C and add C while stirring.
    Stir until homogenous and fill at 60°C.

    This should work.

    PS: It should be no issue to add the PVP via the water phase. But first try without to prove if it's working.
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