What is a simple surfactant product that this is talking about?

Optiphen 200 preservative should be used in cosmetic products at concentrations in the range 0.75 % to
1.3 %. For the preservation of simple surfactant-products dosages of 0.5 % might be sufficient. 

this information is about usage rate.

Optiphen 200 is 74% phenoxyethanol and 26% caprylyl Glycol. 

what is a simple surfactant product?
is shampoo a simple surfactant product?


  • jemolianjemolian Member
     Since it's a preservative, personally i feel that it's likely that as long as there's not too many additives that challenges the preservative blend, it's considered simple. 

    Products with surfactants can be very barebones though. Like a basic foaming face cleanser. Shampoo could be one of them depending on how you design it to be. Look at the sample formulation on ulprospector for Brilliance Clear Shampoo for Oily Hair (Formulation #Z351-10A) for example. 
  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
    edited July 21
    @jemolian yes it could be. 
    But as sample surfactants like CAPB or SLS %30 are more simple than shampoo because they are only one surfactant and water and they also need Preservative. So it made me wonder if simple surfactant product is just this one surfactant in water or shampoo is also a simple surfactant product. 
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