Magnolol As A Preservative In Skincare Formulations


I am a handcrafter and am looking for better ways to preserve my water-based products. I currently use Germall Plus as a preservative and I know it is good, but I'm hoping to find something less synthetic to please my customer base.

I have read on PubMed.Com that Magnolol (bioactive compound of Magnolia Oficinalis) is more effective than other floral extracts in reducing bacteria and also recently heard a guest presenter on one of Perry's webinars talk about how Magnolol is gaining traction in the industry as a possiblilty for use as a preservative. That speaker stated it should not be used alone, but in conjunction with other anti-microbal ingredients. Can anyone speak to this and maybe suggest what other floral extracts could be used?

Thanks so much!

- Lisa


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