Any opinions about this lotion formula?

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This product feels good at skin and the effect i have noticed myself in about a week of use is it reduces the pore size on face. I am hopping skin lightening effect too but haven't noticed any effect yet. My questions are 

1. Is there any incompatibility of alpha arbutin with these other ingredients at pH 4.1 at 0.2% or if i increase the percentage?

2. Will 0.2% alpha arbutin have noticable skin lightening effect if combined with 2% salicylic acid or 5% lactic acid or 2% niacinamide or combination of these three at pH 4-4.5?

3. If 0.2% alpha arbutin is not enough then what percentage minimum( to keep the product cost low) alone or in combination with another ingredient that boosts it's activity will have a noticable skin lightening effect?


Shea butter  %4
Dimethicone %1
Polyglyceryl 6 distearate %1
Glyceryl stearate %1
Cetearyl alcohol %3
Edta %0.2
Salicylic acid %2
Allantoin %0.5
Alpha arbutin %0.2
Glycerin %3
Phenoxyethanol %1
Piroctone Olamine %0.05
Lavender EO %0.5
Citric Acid
Caustic soda

Final pH 4.1


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