Hi All, Bought this New Mr. Magic Hand wash from Amazon

Hi All,
I bought this new Hand wash bottle to check ingredients. 
Surprisingly I didn't find any ingredient list mentioned on product as well as packaging. 

Neither any ingredient mentioned on Amazon India or their website.

I wonder what is this new powder to liquid hand wash gel.

I was under the impression that FDA guidelines are same in India. Necessary to mention ingredients list.
Doesn't look like preneutralized acrylate.


1. Sodium polyacrylate or
2. Blend of surfactants powder, salt, neem powder, aloe gel powder, fragrance, preservative and chelators.

If anyone knows about powder to gel wash???

Some new in market flooded with 3 companies.


  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
    In India you don't have to write the full list of ingredients on label. Most of the companies don't do. Those who do will also write the fancy names only. For example in a Shampoo label they would write aloe Vera extract, vitamin e and shampoo base. That's it. 

    You would never know what is in it. So don't waist your time trying to find it out. 
  • OK. Thanks. I will not use it again when I don't know what's in my product.
  • PattsiPattsi Member
    If I remember it correctly this product is not new, it was early or mid 2018.
    My mom went to India and snapped a shot of it and asked me if I want a sample, I said NO-WAY, if you let consumers play with surfactant powder then you are asking for trouble. 
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