percentage of surfactant in hand soap

Hi, I need some help on a hand soap formulation. I don't have a formula yet, I need some advice in the choice of the raw materials.

- what is the percentage of surfactants recommended in a foaming hand soap? I was thinking to use cocoamidopropyl betaine and coco glucoside. I have tried some starting formulations. They advice a large amount of surfactant that I think made the formula difficult to rinse and to aggressive to skin.

- what is a good moisturiser? the hand soap will contain benzalkonium chloride and then I need something compatible with it. 

- what I can use to have a creamy foam for the same product?

thank you in advance :)


  • Hello,

    Looking at your current choice of ingredients for your hand soap formulation, a good moisturizing agent I will recommend will be aloe vera.  
  • PhilGeisPhilGeis Member, Professional formulator
    With benzalkonium Cl, this is a antimicrobial handsoap.  Be aware it will be a drug in the US.
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