portable pH meter

Can anybody recommend an affordable portable pH meter?  I have seen a few on amazon and ebay for less than 100 bucks.  This is just to have on the bench with me while I process my experiment (quick and dirty).  This is to avoid having to stop processing and carry a hot beaker to the lab pH meter.  


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    Not sure about the price (it is reasonable), but for portables, we use Jenco ph610B Bluetooth meters. They test both temperature and pH. They use Bluetooth to display, record, and save the results. We even screen clip the readings and save them in the process records.

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  • I am low-tech, so this one works well for me.

    Checker® pH Tester with 0.1 pH Resolution - HI98103 (hannainst.com)

    Price is $29.00
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    @Graillotion ;
    that pH meter works for you in your experiments? what products have you used this with?
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