Industrial mixer for small scale manufacturer- emulsions



  • Without wanting to read through the entire thread, which mixers exactly are you considering?
    From my research, a used IKA overhead stirrer is a pretty safe bet for most small batch formulators, especially if you don't need high shear, which it doesn't seem you do.
    I just looked into the push drill as a substitute but I wouldn't buy it. 540RPM is still pretty high and I wouldn't want stuff splashing all over the place when adding more ingredients to a batch.
  • @Zink would you please provide me the link to the wen overhead mixer?

  • Search for "drill press"
  • @Agate, can we use drill press as mixer? And how?

  • I haven't tried it myself but know of several DIYers who do use them. I would make sure that you get one where you can slow it down to an RPM of 100 or lower so you don't make a mess when adding things to your batch.

    For the sort of money that a new, cheap drill press would cost, I would personally rather buy a good used overhead stirrer. 
  • @Agate thanks 
  • Where do you get appropriate mixing blades that will fit and be good for making emulsions? Thank you for sharing. 

    @Zink ?

  • tonyh said:
    6. Get this: SEOH CLAMP HOLDER UNIVERSAL up to 3/4" rod (The Pivot Clamp Holder costs 3 times more, but it allows you to angle the blender shaft):

    Hi Tony! I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you or someone else could help me out with the clamp holder. I am looking for a pivot-style, like what is mentioned above, but I can't seem to find one. Is it called something else? Any help/links, etc is greatly appreciated. And thank you for these amazing DIY tips!
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